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  • How to Overcome Post Vacation Syndrome

    Vacations are intended to provide people with relaxation so they can gather strength for future work achievements. But instead of triple energy and enthusiasm of a rested staff employers often face their sluggish workers with vacant stare demonstrating they are still there at the warm beach sand in their dreams, basking in the sun.

    An employee's conduct after vacations depends on individual character peculiarities to a certain degree. Some try to accomplish all tasks before holidays, therefore rest with a clear conscience and easily get down to work after vacations. Others can't finish open projects and proceeding to business seems rather painful for them. What should a manager remember?

    1. First of all you should always benefit from your own experience. Maybe you have some unique formula how to "switch on" an employee and make him join in the work.

    2. Remember that nearly 80 per cent of staff decides to quit just after holidays. If it's a highly qualified and valuable worker you shouldn't accept the situation at once. Talk to him, try to convince of unavoidable difficulties in a new company and of the fact that it will take him a year at least and great effort to earn some authority there. Explain that this hasty decision may be just the result of post vacation syndrome.

    3. Take into consideration individual peculiarities/habits of your employees: some of them you may allow to be late for fifteen minutes during the first week, others - to leave a few minutes earlier. Create favourable work conditions because people usually appreciate care taken of them, therefore overcome minor difficulties more promptly.

    4. Puzzle an employee with a new idea; suggest him to think over a future project, facilities or operational cycle improvement.

    5. Don't assign monumental or irksome tasks to him. Let an employee plan his working hours by himself during the first two-three days.

    6. If you see that your colleague doesn't cope with his duties and has all the symptoms of post vacation depression, think over the most effective way to help him overcome this condition. For example a business trip to another city or a three-day holiday will be of great help.

    7. Suggest taking part in additional extra-paid projects. Cash award - is a rather effective method to bring back an employee's interest in work.

    Be sure in the majority of cases these simple tips will help you to handle the situation and your company's staff will add evidence that you care and respect them. And the atmosphere of mutual understanding and personnel's gratitude will only result in company's prosperity and profit.

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