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  • The Burn-out

    One of the most productive and enthusiastic managers in your company suddenly or gradually began to lower his colours, is late with an urgent project and even yields a loss instead of bringing profit. How come? After analyzing some external factors, these are family, health and other problems not concerning work directly, you make a conclusion that the reason lies amidmost of your company.

    The "life circle" of an officer in any organization consists of several phases, including adaptation, formation and development and finally the burn-out. During an employee's typical professional activity he faces different problematic situations, which directly or mediately influence his work efficacy. These may be misunderstandings between colleagues, unsuccessful negotiations with a client, a lack of time for carrying out current tasks, etc.

    All these and many other barriers can be overcome of course, and in fact a present-day active person does this way. But in the course of time fatigue accumulates and may bring to effectiveness decrease, depression and even a desire to quit. Therefore to prevent the conflict of burn-out modern companies create the so-called "psychological services". Even if your company doesn't possess funds or opportunity to hire a professional for this purpose, you can always find some eager specialist inside your office. This may be an officer of an HR department, who is familiar with psychology and enjoys widespread respect and trust of colleagues. When you find such a qualified volunteer, just propose the staff to address this officer personally, by phone or by e-mail with their problems and needs. Telephone consultations proved to be the most popular and effective.

    However, some small percent of your company's officers won't address this "psychological service" not at any price in spite of having problems, because they think of it as a manifestation of weakness. For this category your company may organize one-hour open meetings, say, twice a month. You only have to provide a place for meeting, some coffee and a blackboard with markers if necessary. The topics of these gatherings are proposed by the employees themselves. As experience has shown, on average 25 % of personnel attend such meetings. But its course and results are vividly discussed by the whole staff. Therefore, we recommend not to carry out such events on Friday because the discussion may lost its urgency.

    And before your company decides to turn off a really good and productive specialist just think: isn't it more reasonable and cheaper to help your existing staff overcome temporary problems and achieve even more productivity for himself and the company, than to search for, hire and train some new guy?

    Continued: A Civilized Break-up

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